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7 Clans Brewing

- Present

A female-majority owned business of Eastern Band of Cherokee Indian members, 7 Clans Brewing debuted in March 2018. Currently 7 Clans Brewing is focused on product development and strengthening their brand while contracting with BearWaters Brewing in Canton, North Carolina to facilitate the brewing process of their recipes until the 7 Clans Brewery is constructed.


Oral history interview with Morgan Owle-Crisp and Collette Coggins (2018)

We're Cherokee, and to each person that means a little bit of a different thing. But we wanted to bring our heritage into it. We wanted it to be Cherokee.

Morgan Owle-Crisp, co-owner and president, and Collette Coggins, co-owner and vice president, discuss their work at 7Clans Brewing in Cherokee, NC. They discuss their decision to begin the brewery through contract brewing, their plans for future growth, and the ways in which they bring their Cherokee heritage into the beer names and artwork.

View the Morgan Owle-Crisp and Collette Coggins oral history interview.

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