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NCBeerGuys is a website focused on collecting and sharing information about the craft beer industry in North Carolina. In 2022, the website's reach expanded to include South Carolina, and the name was changed to BeerGuys of the Carolinas.


Oral history interview with Dave Tollefsen (2022)

We've always said that breweries are destinations, and people don't think that. They go, "Well, it's a brewery." They're destinations. I mean honestly, I learned the state by going to all the breweries ... you learn so much about where things are and towns I've never even heard of and how different the breweries are from each other and how they handled things. And it's just really cool.

Dave Tollefsen is a homebrewer and one of the creators of NCBeerGuys (now BeerGuys of the Carolinas), a website dedicated to sharing information about the craft beer scene in North Carolina.

View the Dave Tollefsen oral history interview.

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