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Archetype Brewing Company

- Present

Archetype Brewing is a Belgian-Style brewery focusing on complex, mindful, living beer. The four main ingredients in our beer are mindfully combined to bring out its own personality and behavior. The characteristics give it life, identity and complexity, whether it’s a smooth, creamy stout, or an unpredictable, mixed-culture saison.


Oral history interview with Brad Casanova and Steven Anan (2019)

Our mission statement is 'Explore, create and refine so that others may share and enjoy of discovering better beer.' It leaves it wide open, and we're constantly coming up with new things versus just finding what hits, and pushing it. We do a lot of beers that people will say, "I'm not a beer drinker, but I love this," or, 'My favorite beer is this,' but it's always a different beer.

Brad Casanova and Steven Anan are co-founders of Archetype Brewing. The duo met at Hi-Wire Brewing before opening Archetype in 2017. Their beers have won several awards since its opening, including Best in Show at the 2018 North Carolina Brewers Cup. In their interview, Mr. Casanova and Mr. Anan discuss the founding and growth of Archetype, the company’s philosophy, the awards they have won, and the craft beer industry.

View the Brad Casanova and Steven Anan oral history interview.

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