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At Bevana, we help independent beverage makers to create more of the drinks that you love, and connect them with our retail, distribution, and e-commerce channels to let you find and enjoy them. We love craft beer, kombucha, seltzer, and coffee, and love helping to bring together the world's best drinks, and the world's best drinkers.

Oral history interview with Aaron Gore (2022)

Go out to your local breweries, support them, support the industry. Drink what you like to drink. And just, let's be honest with ourselves about the good and the bad. We've still got a lot of room to grow a lot of room to develop.

Aaron Gore is the Senior Director of Business Development for Bevana Beverage Company in Newton, NC. In this interview, he discusses his career and Bevana's work to enhance the brewing and distribution capacity of craft beverage companies. He also talks about changes to the craft beer scene in Charlotte and throughout North Carolina.

View the Aaron Gore oral history interview.

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