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Carolina Malt House

- Present

Looking to fill a need in the North Carolina brewing industry by selling local malts to local breweries, Carolina Malt House opened in May 2018 by Steve Bauk and Aaron Goss. The company works closely with local farmers in the North Carolina area to provide quality maults for breweries such as: Burial Beer Co., Full Steam Brewing, Cabarrus Brewing Co., and more. They currently produce eight malts and are looking to expand in the future.


Oral history interview with Aaron Goss & Steve Bauk (2019)

Aaron Goss & Steve Bauk are the co-founders of Carolina Malt House. In their interview, Mr. Bauk and Mr. Goss discuss the mission and challenges of Carolina Malt House, the process of malting, and the importance of locally sourced ingredients.

View the Aaron Goss & Steve Bauk oral history interview.

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