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Epiphany Craft Malt

- Present

Founded by a brewer and maltster, Epiphany works directly with farmers to select regional grains grown especially for their qualities in germination, and malts them to exact specifications in a state-of-the-art 10-ton germination-kiln-box. The result is a science-focused operation that gives both maltster and brewer precision control over the end result—much like having your own malt house.

Oral history interview with Sebastian Wolfrum (2022)

Coming over here, it was great. You come as a German-trained brewer and you can make any beer you want, like American, Belgian, British, German or whatever comes up, Nordic styles, whatever is now going. That was really a big driver in getting really into it, and then embracing, because it was clear there's exploration and just learning as you go, all the time.

Sebastian Wolfrum is a German-born brewer, distiller, and maltster who currently serves as a lecturer at North Carolina State University's Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutritional Sciences program. He is also the owner of Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham.

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