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Foothills Brewing

- Present

Foothills began brewing beer in March 2005, with three 15-barrel fermenters. Jamie and his brewers managed to crank out 800 barrels of beer that year, and doubled that output the following year. As demand and production continued to increase, Foothills expanded into a 48,000 square foot warehouse a few miles away, an old manila envelope factory that was retro-fitted with brewing equipment and became the main production facility, located at 3800 Kimwell Drive. Today both brewery locations continue to produce top-quality beers. Foothills offers weekend tours from the tasting room at their main brewing facility. Conversely, if you ask nicely at the downtown brewpub, you can probably get a peek at the operation.


Oral history interview with Jamie Bartholomaus (2018)

Its really about bringing people together, tying community in, and keeping people happy.... It's just really about being a meeting place and being a connector, a social connector for people.

Jamie Bartholomaus, President and Founder of Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, discusses his brewery and his work with state and local guilds and other professional associations. Among the topics discussed are: the work and challenges of opening Foothills in 2005, the community engagement and service work done by the brewery, impact of legislation on the North Carolina brewing industry, and growth of the industry in the future.

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Oral history interview with Meredith Gotz (2018)

We literally went and plastered downtown Winston-Salem with all these breweries, bars, and talked to women, and gave them fliers. And we're like, "Come join us!"

Meredith Gotz, Brewer's Assistant at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem discusses her history in the brewing industry, and her work today at Foothills both in the brewery and with lab work. She details the role of education and training in the industry, and discusses the importance of the Pink Boots Society.

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