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Frog Level Brewing Company

- Present

Frog Level is a family- and veteran- owned brewery located in Downtown Waynesville, near Asheville, and focusing on English style beers brewed with a distinct attitude, & proudly served. FLB is currently available all over the state of North Carolina.


Oral history interview with Jenny Williams and Celeste Ybanez (2018)

We love this area. We love the community. And it's really like getting to see an extended part of my family when I come to work.

Jenny Williams, founder, and Celeste Ybanez, chief operating officer, of Frog Level Brewing Company in Waynesville, North Carolina, discuss how the brewery has grown since it opened in 2011 as the first brewery in Haywood County. They talk about operating as a family-owned business, Williams' background as a military veteran, their decision to open a restaurant within the brewery, and the challenges and benefits of being a woman in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

View the Jenny Williams and Celeste Ybanez oral history interview.

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