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Haw River Farmhouse Ales

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Haw River Farmhouse Ales crafts beer steeped in Belgian tradition, but elevated by local creativity. Full of flavor and native ingredients, they believe beer is more than just something you drink. Haw River Farmhouse Ales is committed to locally sourcing ingredients, including their own wild yeast from Saxapahaw. Their beer is rooted in Belgian history, and are continuing the tradition— by being a bit non-traditional.


Oral history interview with Chais McCurry (2018)

It's a matter of wanting to keep it all as local as possible, which keeps the money in the community; it keeps our farmers happy, keeps them producing so that, you know, local agriculture is something that needs to be sustained and we're just trying to do our part to keep it going.

Chais McCurry, head brewer at Haw River Farmhouse Ales in Saxapahaw, NC, discusses the brewery's focus on local ingredients, the brewing cycle and beers produced by Haw River, and their relationship with the Saxapahaw community and local farmers.

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Oral history interview with Rebecca Spence (2018)

From like a molecular level up you know, it's really, you don't see a lot of that but I love knowing that it's going on and knowing that all of these different factors that we have a hand in from start all the way through to fermentation affect how the beer is gonna finish, how it's going to develop in the tank, and then how it's going to finish.

Rebecca Spence, assistant brewer at Haw River Farmhouse Ales in Saxapahaw, NC, discusses her background combining industrial and home brewing, her interest in fermentation and experimenting with mixed culture beers, and the importance of community and the Pink Boots Society in North Carolina.

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