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Leland Brewing Company

Brewery in planning (2022)

Leland Brewing Company will be located across the street from Leland Town Hall & Founder’s Park, on 133 Old Fayetteville Road, Leland North Carolina. In late 2022, they were in the construction stages of a 9,000 square foot brand new manufacturing and tap room facility.

Oral history interview with Ethan Hall (2022)

The Town of Leland is really excited to have us there. We're going in there in an area called the Gateway District, and it's kind of the old area of Leland. They're trying to revitalize at this point in time and we're directly across the street from their great big, pretty town hall building.

Co-owner and brewer Ethan Hall discusses his plans for Leland Brewing as well as his prior experience in the craft beer industry. Hall talks about opening Azalea Coast Brewing Company in Wilmington, NC in 2005. He also details the impact of Hurricane Florence on his plans to open Tidewater Brewing Company in Wilmington in 2018.

View the Ethan Hall oral history interview.

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