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Lost Worlds Brewing Company

- Present

Lost Worlds Brewing Company was founded to create a basecamp for like-minded adventure-seekers to craft their next adventure while enjoying quality beer brewed in their community.

Oral history interview with David Gonzalez (2020)

I think North Carolina is special for beer. I think we put our own little spin on it. There's so many great beers, so many great breweries, so many great brewers and brewsters in this state.

David Gonzalez has worked in the craft beer industry in North Carolina since the late 1990s. He is currently the director of brewing operations at Lost Worlds Brewing Company in Cornelius, NC.

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Oral history interview with David Hamme (2020)

Craft brewing is very unique from the perspective of how collaborative and cooperative we are. And the fact that we have a guild and we work together and we approach problems together and we solve things, and just about anything, and that's really unique.

David Hamme is the founder and general manager for Lost Worlds Brewing Company, which opened in Cornelius, NC in March 2020.

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