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Mystery Brewing Company

Mystery Brewing consisted of a production brewery in a warehouse on the banks of the Eno River and a brewpub on South Nash Street in Hillsborough. The world's first Seasonal-Only brewery, Mystery believed that what people like to drink changes depending on the time of year, the type of foods that are available in local markets, the weather, and even their moods. Mystery Brewing Company's mission was to produce seasonally appropriate, hand-made, artisanal ales and lagers while being fully engaged in their local Hillsborough, NC community.

Oral history interview with Erik Lars Myers (2019)

I started a production brewery because I felt like the vast majority of the breweries in the country were brew pubs and that the market was oversaturated with brew pubs. But I did not see a lot of production breweries pushing out onto shelves, particularly with variety in mind. Like it was very, very flagship heavy and you didn't really see one offs coming out in the marketplace, particularly in North Carolina.

Erik Lars Myers was the founder, CEO, and head brewer of Mystery Brewing Co., and is now the Director of Beverage Operations at Fullsteam Brewing in Durham, North Carolina. In his interview, he discusses the North Carolina Craft Brewers Guild, his book North Carolina Craft Beer and Breweries, Mystery, and his current role at Fullsteam Brewing.

View the Erik Lars Myers oral history interview.

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