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Natty Greene's Brewing Company

- Present

In 2004, co-founders Chris Lester and Kayne Fisher opened Natty Greene's Brewing Co. in downtown Greensboro with the idea to push the limits with ales and sours. Natty Greene's, named after Greensboro's namesake Nathanael Greene, quickly become Greensboro's brewery.

In 2007, Natty Greene's expanded into a production brewery to begin distribution throughout North Carolina. By 2014, Natty Greene's brews could be found from Virginia to South Carolina. In 2016, Natty Greene's expanded once again through a multi phase project that brings Natty Greene's Kitchen + Market and new Brewery to Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC.


Oral history interview with Kayne Fisher (2017)

When we opened the doors August 1st of 2004 we were pleasantly surprised there was about 250 people waiting outside the door before we opened. I only had enough food for about a hundred people, so we ran out of food right around four o'clock.

Kayne Fisher, co-founder of Natty Greenes Brewing Company, describes the founding of the brewery and his experience in the craft brewing industry. Natty Greenes Brewing Company was founded in 2004.

View the Kayne Fisher oral history interview.

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