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New Belgium Brewing Company

- Present

New Belgium Brewing was co-founded in March 1991 by Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan after Mr. Lebesch took a bike trip to Belgium in 1988. Since it’s opening in 1991, New Belgium has enjoyed great success and has continued to grow to have over 400 employees. In December 2012, New Belgium became a 100% employee owned company. Four years later in 2016, New Belgium expanded to the east coast, choosing Asheville, North Carolina as their new location.


Oral history interview with Alex Dwoinen and Mike Craft (2019)

I think this place has really been modeled as proving that business can be a force for good. There's something beyond just the capital venture that is business that this place- is its specialty I think. There's so much more that this company does... just the thoughtfulness and the caring that goes into all turns of the business here in making sure that like sustainability wise that that is top of mind makes this place incredibly unique.

Alex Dwoinen is a co-owner and the Brewing Manager at New Belgium Co., Asheville. Mike Craft is a co-owner and New Belgium Co., Asheville's Community Ambassador. They discuss the history of New Belgium Brewing, the craft brewing industry, and the Asheville brewing community.

View the Alex Dwoinen and Mike Craft oral history interview.

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