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Radar Brewing Company

Radar Brewing Company opened in Winston-Salem's Industry Hill arts and entertainment district on New Year's Day 2020.

Oral history interview with Eric Peck (2022)

We want to be about exploration and discovery. We want to do different things. We want to continue to evolve or be a part of the conversation of what beer can be. And part of that is also rediscovering the past too and the things that have come before us that have led to us getting to where we are now.

Eric Peck is the co-owner and Director of Hospitality at Radar Brewing Company.

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Oral history interview with Aaron Wall (2022)

As the head brewer and at this point, the only brewer here for Radar, I feel such a sense of obligation to my company, certainly, but the people here and that is what motivates me to focus on quality and to focus on creating the best product we can is because it's bigger than me. And that's a real honor and a privilege.

Aaron Wall is the founder, co-owner, and Head Brewer at Radar Brewing Company.

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