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Sideways Farm and Brewery

- Present

Sideways is one of a few breweries in the U.S. creating carbonation with local wildflower honey in their unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated farmhouse ales, traditional lagers, and hard Jun kombucha.

Oral history interview with Jon and Carrieann Schneider (2022)

Our biggest mission is tying the agricultural aspects of beer making, to drinking, enjoying it.

Jon and Carrieann Schneider opened Sideways Farm and Brewery in Etowah, NC in August 2018. In this interview, they discuss the connection between the farm and the brewery, the importance of terroir and place in their beer, their system for bottle conditioning their beers, the importance of beer education in their service model, and the evolution of the brewery since its opening.

View the Jon and Carrieann Schneider oral history interview.

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